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Do Curly Hair With A Hair Straightener Flat Iron

Release time:2017-05-24

A flat iron can be used to make curls in straight hair. Flat irons, like curling irons, use heat to achieve desired hairstyles, so the main difference between the two styling tools is the shape of the barrels. Due to the general flatness of a flat iron, it takes precise technique to get even, lasting curls. When properly used, a flat iron can completely eliminate the need for a curling iron.


    • 1

      Turn on the flat iron and set it to max Temparature.

    • 2

      Apply a hair curling serum to your dry hair. The serum will protect your hair from heat damage and help it hold the curls.

    • 3

      Gather a small chunk of hair. The amount needed depends on how many curls you want on your head, but a 1 or 2 inch section is good for most looks.

    • 4

      Grasp the chunk of hair with the flat iron. Place the iron in the spot in which you want the curls to begin.

    • 5

      Grab the end of your chosen chunk of hair. Wrap the hair around the barrel of the flat iron in one complete loop. The direction in which you wrap the hair isn't entirely important, but take note of the direction you choose.

    • 6

      Spin the flat iron in one complete circle so your hair wraps around it one more time. Make sure to spin the iron in the same direction you wrapped your hair around it. If you have long hair and want to make several curls, you can spin the iron so the hair wraps around it more than once. The more you spin it, the more curls your hair will have.

    • 7

      Squeeze the iron tightly and slowly pull it toward the end of your hair.

    • 8

      Repeat the process on the rest of your hair. Remember to work in small sections at a time.

    • 9

      Apply hairspray to your hair to ensure the curls stay in place. Follow the directions on your particular hairspray for best results.